The birth of Aubrey Lynn: An accidental, unassisted home birth story

I’m still trying to process everything that happened, and I really don’t have a great time line because it happened so fast – but this is my recollection of how Aubrey came into our lives in a super fast & furious manner.


Monday started like the last few days had started for me – extremely early because I was unable to sleep. I woke up around 3, couldn’t fall back asleep so I went in our guest room to read and to use the breast pump for nipple stimulation.

I should probably say now that if you don’t like details about labor/birth/boobs, then, exit now. Don’t worry, I won’t be offended.

I previously read that a breast pump could be used for nipple stimulation, which can help to bring on contractions. This needs to be done at regular intervals over a couple of hours time. I lasted an hour. 15 min on each side, rest for about 15 min then repeat. That was all I could handle. I went back to sleep for a few hours and then Paisley woke me up at 7:30 crying because she had taken all the slippers off her dolls and couldn’t find one of Belle’s. #toddlerproblems

After everyone was awake and fed we went over to the preserve near our house for a walk. I was having some braxton hicks type contractions after our walk; but nothing that I would consider to be a “real” contraction. When Paisley was born, my water broke at home and I don’t remember having contractions with her – I got an epidural before the serious stuff started. Everything I had read or listened to said that “real” contractions would feel like period cramps.. I mean, it’s been a while since I’ve had period cramps,but nothing I was experiencing felt like that.


Paisley laid down for a nap; Chris & I had some alone time…. you know they say sex helps induce labor. Sex at 40wks 1 day is about as awkward as it sounds. HA! Earlier in the morning I had found a recipe for “labor inducing” cookies, so I that was up next on my list of things to do. While I was making those cookies I was semi aware that my contractions were somewhat regular. I attempted timing them but I was having a hard time figuring out when they were stopping & when they were starting, so I gave up. At some point I laid down in bed to see if they would stop or if they continued. They continued – but with some irregularity and nothing that I needed to stop doing what I was doing to handle it. This went on for hours –  I was convinced that these were just braxton hicks and that they would stop over night, as had happened many times over the course of my pregnancy.


Again, my time line is fuzzy – but at some point I had started timing contractions and they were 3-5 min apart, but really mild in intensity. I needed to let the birth center know that I was in early labor, so I called them around 8:30pm just to give the midwife on call a heads-up. Chris was getting Paisley in bed so I grabbed some pillows and went to law on the couch. I was also doing an accupressure point on my achilles tendon which seemed to get my contractions going a little more. Again, nothing serious. I asked Chris if he would rub my feet and the pressure point. I also notified my doula around this same time that I was having contractions.

As I was getting up to move over so he could sit on the couch, I felt this insane pop and then instant pain. I stood up and I knew immediately something had changed. I told Chris to call his Dad because they needed to come get Paisley – this was at 9:45. That first contraction doubled me over. I could no longer talk or function through the contractions…and they were coming fast and hard.

I started to get worried because it would be at least 30 min before Paisley would be picked up – I got in the shower to try and slow the contractions down some. Failed attempt. I told Chris to call the midwife because we needed to be leaving ASAP. He called the midwife at 10:04 to tell her that the contractions had gotten really intense and we needed to come now. I made it out of the shower but a contraction hit & I fell to the floor on all fours. This was the ONLY way I could tolerate the pain. I started sweating like a crazy person and seriously wondering what I had gotten myself into. I think I also text the doula that we were getting ready to head to the birth center.

I was also thinking there is absolutely no way on God’s green earth that I am getting in the truck and riding 45 minutes with these contractions. I stayed on the floor through a few contractions while Chris tried to persuade me that I needed to get up and get dressed because his Dad would be there soon. At some point during this my water had broken, and then I started to see some mucusy type stuff. No clue what this is, but I knew right then that this baby was absolutely not going to wait for us to drive to Brandon. I crawled to my closet to find some clothes, had another contractions. Rocked on all fours through the contraction. At this point Paisley was still home, in the next room, and I’m basically screaming. I think it was at this point that I was feeling like I needed to push – which REALLY freaked me out because there was no way that I already needed to push! I knew from reading some books that I needed to try and relax because being tense was making the pain worse, but I’m here to tell you that there was no relaxing. I tried really hard, but, the pain was incredible.

Paisley left at 10:17 – Chris tried to sneak her out in between contractions so I didn’t wake her up. I think he said she did wake up, he told her Mommy was okay and that she was going to go to Grandma & Grandpa’s house.

For the next few minutes Chris tried to convince me to get dressed because we needed to go. I kept telling him there was absolutely no way I was getting in the truck and that we weren’t going to make it. Finally I told him to take Paisley’s seat out of the truck and I could try to ride in the back seat. I started the walk towards the truck and had 3 contractions and with each one I just knew that this was not going to happen. Each contraction had me on the floor. I had a contraction right before I made it out the door to the garage and I could feel Aubrey’s head with my fingers. Again, I told Chris we weren’t going to make it out of the house.  At some point during all of this Chris had put water in Paisley’s tub. I guess maybe he was starting to realize that we actually weren’t going to make it out of the house & he knew that I was planning on having a water birth a the birth center.

I made it out to the garage – had a contraction fell to the floor and I felt Aubrey’s head come down and then slide back. I was seriously worried at this point – I had no idea how dilated I was but I knew that I needed to push. I’ve heard/read that your body just knows, and that is no joke. With Paisley I had an epidural so I NEVER felt that urge to push. This was an undeniable OMG IF I DON’T PUSH RIGHT NOW I WILL DIE urge. It was INTENSE.

I some how made it back into the house and into the tub. Chris called the midwife at 10:43 to tell her that we weren’t going to make it that Aubrey was coming now. She called back at 10:45 and Chris couldn’t answer because he was literally catching Aubrey. When Aubrey’s head was delivered she was already screaming – I can’t tell you what a relief that was for us. To hear her, and know that she was probably okay was a HUGE relief. Chris is telling me that I need to push one more time so that he can deliver the rest of her. It seemed like forever before I had another contraction so that I could get her out. Chris called the midwife back at 10:47 to say that Aubrey was born & she was crying. He asked the midwife for instructions on what to do next.


Cheryl gave him a few things to look for and a few things to do but to mostly just hang tight until she could get there. She had just arrived at the birth center when Chris called her to tell her that we weren’t going to make it there. My doula, Brandi, had also text saying that she was at the birth center waiting for us…. My response to her was a picture of Aubrey, HAHA!

Then our Midwife, Cheryl, arrived and got right to work. She & Chris cut the umbilical cord – We were able to do the delayed cord clamp for 39 minutes, no one was even there to do anything for the first 25-30 minutes!! Eventually, Aubrey’s placenta was delivered and then it was time for me to get out of the tub. My Doula, Brandi, also arrived at some point. Not sure when – She helped me get out of the tub and settled into my OWN BED! (this is so crazy!)


This part blows my mind because with Paisley I had an epidural and I could not move for hours, and then when I could move we found out I had nerve damage in my leg/foot so I still couldn’t really walk. So, to be able to stand up, rinse off in the shower, and then WALK TO MY OWN BED was CRAZY!!!

After I was settled in bed I got Aubrey back and we had some more skin to skin & nursing time. Aubrey is much different than Paisley in the nursing department! She latched right away – something that I really had a hard time with when Paisley was born!

After answering some questions about her birth, and getting everything recorded in our chart, it was time to take Aubrey’s measurements! (look at her little foot sticking out! so sweet!)


She clocked in at 9lbs 2oz!!! THIS SHOCKED ME! I said ” NO WAY!” So Cheryl weighed her again! Yep, 9lbs 2oz !!! She is 21″ long! Head circumference is 14.25″Chest is 13.25″

And because people are strange, and always want to know…. I did not tear. LOL, let that soak in for a minute! I’m STILL letting that soak in. This is as crazy to me as having a baby at home in my bathtub with no one but Chris around!


The body is a powerful powerful thing, and thankfully my body did what it needed to do, and with the help of our Lord & Chris I was able to deliver a very healthy baby girl without any medical intervention.


Thanks for letting me share our birth story with you! This is not something I’ll ever forget but getting it down in writing is a great way to process everything that happened!