We went to Disney…. I’m so tired

Oh my goodness, y’all. We went to the Magic Kingdom this weekend, and I am exhausted! We started the weekend with a Friday night visit to Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween.

Paisley’s first glimpse at Mickey & Minnie2016-10-21-20-39-00Here they come in the Boo to You Halloween Parade!

I wasn’t really sure what to expect with Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween. We’ve never gone before, and although I have friends that have gone, I never thought to ask what it was like.

The event starts at 7pm, although we were told that you could enter the park at 4pm with MNSSHP tickets. The pre-parade entertainment started at 8:15 with the parade starting at 8:30. The parade was pretty neat, there was quite an array of characters. Paisley doesn’t really know who the majority of the characters are, but she had fun waving and screaming HI to everyone!


After the parade, we were funneled towards the back of the park, and on our way to find candy and Ariel. What I didn’t know until the night of the event was that the candy stations are spread out through every “land” of Magic Kingdom. Needless to say, we did not get much candy (which I’m okay with, BTW). Honestly, I wasn’t super impressed with this aspect of the event.

I did like that most of the characters were still at the greeting areas, and plenty of rides were still open. Paisley got to meet Minnie, Daisy, Donald & Ariel on Friday night.


Paisley was a little shy with Ariel during her first encounter – a real live person in a mermaid costume is probably pretty intimidating to a kid! But her 2nd encounter on Saturday, while we were at the Magic Kingdom, was much better. (Waiting on pictures from that encounter, there is a super sweet one that my Mom took.)

The fireworks show was pretty awesome – Paisley hates fireworks, so this part was not awesome. She sat cuddled up on Daddy with her hands over her ears for the duration of the show. I can’t recall what time this was, I think it was around 10:15. I do remember that we were in line to meet Minnie, Daisy & Donald… yeah, still at the park.

We started our trek back to the front of the park, but got a little lost, and ended up getting stuck behind the final parade at 11:15. I don’t know what time we ended up leaving the park, but we didn’t get back to our room at Port Orleans – Riverside until after 1am.


30 weeks pregnant, and ready to do The Magic Kingdom with my Princess’ & Prince


My mother in law, Mary, scored us all an awesome breakfast reservation at Chef Mickey first thing Saturday morning. This was an AMAZING experience, but OMG, getting up at 5:30 after going to bed after 1 am was HARD!!

But the breakfast, that was super worth it! Chef Mickey is at the Contemporary Resort, which is amazing all on its own. We had 7:45 reservations and were seated pretty quickly. I don’t know if all of Chef Mickey is character dining, or if it’s all buffet style, but that’s how our breakfast was.

Paisley got to meet Minnie, Mickey, Goofy, Pluto & Donald! She loved every second of it!
The food was excellent. I’m not typically a fan of buffets but in Disney style, the food was excellent.

Shout out to Mary for this AMAZING outfit! She found this gem on Etsy! It is seriously adorable, and Paisley loved it!

I am planning on doing a Minnie themed birthday party, so we will be able to use the skirt again! I am all about dual purpose specialty clothing!

Next up was our first monorail ride to Magic Kingdom! As soon as we entered the park we headed to Ariel’s Grotto because Paisley wanted to meet Ariel (again).

The wait was 40 minutes, and we explained to her that we would have to stand in line and wait for a long time, but she insisted on meeting Ariel.

and then she fell asleep on Daddy while we waited. 2016-10-22-10-49-34

We stopped for lunch at Pinocchio’s Village Haus . Decent food for a decent prize. As with all things Disney, food is extremely overpriced, but I didn’t find this place to be horribly ridiculous. Except for water still be $3. That is crazy. I drink a lot of water. Chris said I spent his monthly beer allowance on water this weekend. #sorrynotsorry


The carousel was our final ride at The Magic Kingdom – of course there is so much more to do, but we were all so tired. Paisley was barely staying awake, and her attitude was starting to show just how tired she was. Actually, we did do the train ride that goes around MK, but she AND Chris fell asleep. So we headed back to our hotel for a little down time before we had to venture over to Disney Springs for our dinner reservation at The Boathouse.

We took the boat from Port Orleans – Riverside to Disney Spring Market Landing. When I inquired as to how long this would take, I was told plan for 45 minutes. It took about an hour. The ride itself didn’t take that long, but the boat is only so big and quite a few people had the same idea we did. So we had to wait a little bit longer for a boat.

It was also a little bit of a walk from the Market Landing to The Boathouse – we arrived just a few minutes after our reservation, but all was well. Thankfully we had a reservation because people were looking at 2 hour wait times!!! YIKES!

I had a super delicious pasta dish. It was called Vegetable Pappardelle, so good! I’m currently looking for a similar recipe on Pinterest. Chris had shrimp & grits, which he said was great. My Mom had coconut shrimp, I think she liked it. Paisley had a cheeseburger & fries, which she ate without having to be asked 700 times.

We sat outside on the deck; it was perfect. We had such amazing weather this weekend! We really lucked out with the weather. Florida is so temperamental in October!

We called it a night after dinner and headed back to our hotel via bus.


Sunday morning we “slept in.” Paisley woke up around 7:30 requesting to get in bed with Daddy. So we lounged in bed for a little bit before getting up to go get breakfast at the Riverside Grill on the Port Orleans property. It was a fairly simple process – self-service kind of thing. Again, the food was decent & not astronomically priced. I think the prices were pretty similar to what you would pay at a regular breakfast join. 2016-10-23-09-58-33

After we packed up the truck we parked in the main parking lot at Port Orleans and then got on a bus to head over to The Contemporary. I wanted to take Paisley on one last adventure, and I knew she would enjoy riding the bus & monorail one last time.

When we were at The Contemporary on Saturday morning for the Chef Mickey breakfast, I noticed that they had quite a few of those machines that smash pennies and put designs on them. You know the ones I’m talking about, right?

Paisley LOVES these! Sadly Disney has done away with the crank machines, but she still enjoyed putting in the coins & pushing the button. So we let her choose a few designs that she wanted to do, and then I did two different 2016 designs. We ended up with 7 smashed coins, and one coin book to keep them in.


It’s interesting how much a child’s perspective can change your own perspective. I have never been into Disney. It has always blown my mind that people travel from all around the World and spend tens of thousands of dollars to make these trips happen.

Now that I’ve experienced Disney through Paisley’s eyes, I can totally see how that happens. Self-control is hard in that place, and those crazy magic bands with your credit card information do not help that situation what-so-ever!

I’m already planning our next trip! HA! It’s not for a while, like December 2017. I think we will go for the girl’s birthdays (and mine)! Isn’t Chris lucky that all his ladies birthdays are in December? (that’s sarcasm).

Until next time, Jena