Who is Jena

Hey! I’m Jena, the author behind Living Anchored in Grace. I’ve been blogging at various blogs since 2006, but recently took a hiatus after having my daughter. My priorities changes and I lost my passion for writing.

I’ve been re-evaluating my priorities as of late, and after reading a great book decided that I wanted to get back into writing & blogging. I’ve always loved writing, as evidenced by the folder of high school & college papers my Mom collected over the years. I recently sat on my bed and read some of them – I laughed.. Out of embarrassment mostly, it’s hilarious the things that you think are important at various point of your life.

So, here I am in an attempt to re-discover my love of writing & blogging.

What you will find here:

To make it plain & simple, my life. I’m currently pregnant with our 2nd baby girl. I’m due Christmas day (this is not cute, don’t say “awwww”). I’ll be sharing excerpts from books I’m reading, things that are inspiring me, and some workout stuff here & there.

I don’t know what the next few years look like for our lives, but I want to enjoy & document them. I hope you’ll hang out with us for a while.