I try to do a devotional every morning before the kids wake up. I would say I’m successful about 5-6 days a week. I alternate between the First5 App & Proverbs 31 Ministries blog. They are run by the same people & always have great messages.

This mornings message from the Proverbs 31 Ministry was about distraction, which is something I absolutely struggle with. I’ve recently deleted the FB app off my phone – but then I would find myself reloading it/deleting it a few times a day.


I was still active on Instagram – I like IG. It’s generally more positive & less drama… but then I realized that I was starting to pay to much attention to the “stats” or “insights” of my posts. “How many people liked” “How many people were reached” “How many people swiped away from my instastory.”

Totally meaningless stuff.  Why do I even care??? I don’t get paid. I have a small following, which was another thing I was getting caught up. “OH! Someone followed me.” “Oh, someone unfollowed me.” and that would be followed by “Hm, I wonder what I did to offend them or make them unfollow me?”




I recently closed my social media based Lularoe boutique – for many reasons, but primarily because I didn’t have time & I wanted to be more focused on my family.

Then I immediately replace LLR with IG obsession.

So the message this morning brought me back to reality and I’m feeling a lot of conviction when it comes to social media.

It is hard enough to be a parent without the constant onslaught of “advice” that is pouring out of every social media orifice. I see these posts about why I should stop getting frustrated with my kids & cherish all their temper tantrums because one day they won’t have temper tantrums – and I just want to scream, WHO IS WRITING THIS CRAP???

It’s just prettied up version of Mom-shaming. I can’t even read those “essay’s” anymore. All I feel is extreme guilt & frustration. I start to feel like there is something wrong with me. WHY do I get so aggravated at my kids? Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to see a Dr? Is there something wrong with me? I’m already on lexapro, maybe I need a stronger dose, or something different. It becomes a landslide of emotions – all from one post about how I should love my kids temper tantrum.

Yeah. No thanks.

Of course I can choose not to read it. But i swear 15 moms in my feed are sharing this post – which just makes me feel even worse.

I don’t know what social media will look like for me moving forward. I’ll still be here, writing. I think i’ll be on instagram – i changed my account from business back to personal so I no longer get insights on my feed.

But FB, I think I can live w/o facebook…. I still have messenger because that’s how I communicate with a couple of my friends.


Have you given up social media for any length of time?




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