All i want is a big milky latte

Hello!  I’m feeling inspired to write this morning, so I’m going to try to write out some coherent thoughts on Whole30.

Aubrey is in bed, so let’s all shoot up a prayer that she stays there for at least the next 2 hours – that would be AWESOME!


I started Whole30 on Monday. Today is day 4. I’m reallllly wishing I could have a big nasty milky latte. Oh so yummy! I would settle for a frothy coconut oil latte, but sadly my little blender thingy bit the dust last year and I haven’t replaced it. I have the big ninja, but it doesn’t quite have the same frothiness, plus, the ninja is cracked, and I’m not sure it can handle a hot substance… Hmmmm, maybe I SHOULD use it … ::evil laugh::

Day 1 sucked. Let’s just be honest, shall we. We planned a trip to Bok Tower so I packed all our food. The food part was fine. What sucked was the massive headache I had. I don’t know if it was the heat or ?????  Whole30 has a “timeline” for suckiness, and there is a day in the first week (usually day 2) where you feel hungover. I felt that way on Day 1.

I SORT OF feel like it was the heat getting to me – but I have NEVER had that kind of reaction being in the heat and I’ve lived in this heat box state (Florida) my entire life. I was drinking a lot of water, so I don’t think it was dehydration. It wasn’t THAT hot… I don’t know what the deal was, but it wasn’t fun.

Day 2 & 3 were somewhat better. Although, I did text one of my besties to ask her if being possessed by satan was a symptom of Whole30 because I was having a bit of a rough morning; and, indeed, it is. It hits around Day 4 – it seems my “symptoms” are rolling in a bit early.


Day 3 I’m starting to realize how much mindless snacking I do. A bite of this, a bite of that – handful of cheerios. A few pieces of cubed cheese. Taste test the tortellini (a few times). All which seems harmless, but all those snacks add up, clearly since I’m still 15lbs above pre-Aubrey weight. Also, I love sweets. Ugh. I’m constantly craving something sweet. I’m also a night-time snacker. Lord, I love me some snacks.

I’m pretty much convinced that the creators of Whole30 did not have toddlers when they created this. IF THEY HAD, they would have figured out HOW to make wine fit… amiright???


That brings us to today…  I’m fine. It’s fine. This is alllllll going to be fine. By the way, I made a coconut oil / nut pod latte, and it was DELISH.  I brewed Santa’s White Christmas coffee in my …. uhhh, what is that thing called..  Oh, french press (legit had to google “coffee brewer” to figure that out).

Poured coffee in mug, added a heap of coconut oil then some french vanilla nut pod creamer. Poured that into my ninja & ninja’d it on high for a minute or so. DELISH. No picture bc it’s in my belly!

Now I just need to work on adding in some exercise … baby steps, people, baby steps.

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