the beginning


I want to write. I have this urge to put my thoughts on paper; to clear my head in this space that I call mine. I’m not a writer. I am not eloquent. I don’t even know what I really want to write about.

My life is not pretty. It’s fairly mundane. There are no pretty pictures with perfect lighting. There is no perfectly decorated home. I’m not interested in doing things just for the sake of doing them & then writing about it. That’s not realistic at all.

My thoughts race around my head looking for a place to exit. The only time my mind truly stops racing and thinking about the next thing is when I’m on my yoga mat. I’ve always wanted to get more into yoga. I’ve tried. Several times. I always found it boring and I couldn’t clear my mind enough to enjoy the process.

Now I find myself wanting to dig deeper into yoga. I want to get better, get stronger, more flexible & to flow through poses with grace. To me, yoga goes hand-in-hand with a minimalist lifestyle.

2018-01-16 11.41.30-1

I yearn for simplicity. I crave it.

I yearn for something to call mine. The thing that I DO and that I do WELL. Not something that I half ass my way though. Something that I care about – something I’m passionate about. Something that challenges me & makes me a better person.


That seems to be the million dollar question ……..

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