I like good books & I cannot lie

I thank You, Lord, that as I submit myself to You today and resist the enemy and his lies, the devil must flee from me in Jesus’ name – James 4:7

I wanted to start today off with this little prayer I read in a new devotional I began reading today. I came across this devotional, Devotions for a Healthier You, by Katie Farrell a few days ago while I was searching for something else.

Let’s give Amazon a round of applause for always having an amazing list of “if you bought this, you should also buy this” list.. Gets me EVERY time!

Since I’ve become somewhat of a personal development junkie, I bought that book and a few others, of course. One day last week I went into Family Christian Book store after a particularly rough morning with Paisley. I needed Jesus, y’all. I browsed around the home goods section for a while, and then found myself among allllll the books. So many good books, I just wanted to buy them all. But being the sensible person that I am, I only bought one. from the bookstore.

The rest I scanned with the handy dandy Amazon app and added to my cart. I can’t help it if Amazon was $4-5 cheaper on every single book! If you don’t know about the amazon scanner thing, good for you! Don’t learn about it! Just kidding, if you don’t know about it, let me fill you in!

2016-08-24 05.04.13
(my current TO-READ list…not all bought at the same time, thank you very much)
Living Well Spending Less, Ruth Soukoup
Uninvited, living loved when you feel less than, lonely & left out: Lysa TerKeurst
Triggers: Exchanging Parents Angry reactions for gentle biblical responses
Hope Unfolding, Becky Thompson
Living Well Spending Zero, Ruth Soukup
Devotions for a Healthier You, Katie Farrell

On your amazon app, PLEASE tell me you at least have the amazon app on your phone!! On your app there is a handy little bar code scanner. It scans the bar code, or any lettering on the package and then pulls up the matching product on amazon. It gives you the price, which is almost ALWAYS cheaper. You can add it to your cart from there or add it to a wishlist. My poor wishlists are overflowing with books and other miscellaneous crap that I think i’ll need some day.

Okay, so now you’ve been properly educated about the Amazon app – Also, many stores will price match Amazon – Target being the one I use most often. Best Buy also price matches, and I THINK Toys R Us will as well – Don’t quote me on that one, but I think it’s true. (price matching has to be on the exact same product, and it must be an amazon prime product, free shipping).

I think my job is done here for today – I’ve given you a sufficient list of books to check into, and I’ve taught you about the amazingness that is the Amazon app. Now it’s time for me to read & eat breakfast. Baby sister is kicking around saying she’s hungry.


Until next time,


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